About the maker

TVJ Knives is the brand of Danish knifemaker Thomas Vestergaard Juhler.

Thomas has been making quality knives for over 7 years with the primary focus on the bushcraft and hunting communities. When Thomas first started to experiment with knifemaking the materials used was often old discarded sawblades and scrap wood from other projects.

As Thomas’ skills developed, the focus on the used materials grew, and today most knives are made of O1 tool steel with the best handle materials like stabilised wood, hardwood, G10 and micarta.

A large part of the knives produced by TVJ Knives are custom made to the customers specifications, but Thomas has also created a few unique designs that has won a lot of acclaim in the knife community. Some of the most popular is the TVJ Camper and the TVJ Hunter.

Lately Thomas has been experimenting with Damascus steel, acid edging, laser engraving to keep coming up with new and innovative designs. Even though Thomas makes beautiful knives, he firmly belives that, knives are practical tools for hard use.

Thomas is 42 years old and has the two young boys Mathias (7) and Frederik (1) with his lovely girlfriend Christina.

Besides knifemaking Thomas also run the woodworking business TVJ Wood.