How to sharpen a knife is a question I get alot. I have been using the Lanksy 4 stone diamond sharpening system for 5-6 years, and I have been very pleased with it. It is easy to use, and the soft grip clamp is good. The guide holes works like a charm. I belive that even my mom can use the lansky sharpening system. The only downside that i experience, is that your arm gets sore after a few knives, and the final stones are alittle coarse.

How I do it

When using the lansky sharpening system its important to use the stones properly. You have to start with the most coarse stone (obviously), and work your way up. When you grind away you will notice that you start to make burs on the opposite side of the edge you are grinding. When these burrs go all the way along the edge, its time to turn the knife over, and get the burr back again.

Try to use equal amounts of strokes on each side. When you get the burr back to side 1, its time to change stone. Again, grind away, but not as hard as you did with the coarse stone. You have to make the edge shine, and get burs down on side 2. Turn it around, and get the burrs to side 1 again. Work your way down to the finest stone, with the burrs changing sides in between, and make sure you remove the grind marks from the previous stone before changing.

Lansky 4 stone diamond sharpening system

I startet using the diamond version since I keept hollowing out the normal Lansky stones. I had to “abuse” it and put a edge on brand new knives.


Lansky sharpening system with my leather strap.

After use of the Lansky sharpening system

After you are done sharpening with the Lanksy system, its a good idea to hone your knife on a piece of leather using a polishing paste. It will really make a difference, and only takes like 10 strokes on each side. Place the leather on a flat surface, and pull the knife backwards (dont cut the leather) with the edge on the leather in a 20-25 degree angle, and you are good to go.

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