Knife reviews

Doing knife reviews is a trusted task, and it is not to be taken lightly or for granted. I will unbox the knife “live” on video, and I will talk about first impressions, build quality and out of the box sharpness. Cold hard facts will off course also be listed like:

Knife: Brand, name, designer/maker.
Length: Overall length of knife.
Blade: Length of blade.
Materials: Blade and handle.
Sharpness: Razor sharp, sharp, a knife, they must have forgot it!
Feel: WOW, nice, ok, it’s a kid’s toy!
Value: More than you paid for, You get what you pay for, You got ripped off!

I will then wear and use the knife daily at my work where i cut RJ45 cables, wire strips, and open a lot of cardboard boxes. I will in my spare time cut apples, pears, oranges, open a bag and maybe even clean my nails. After a few days, I will give my final review with thoughts about size, pocket “feel”, handling and overall impressions.


So far the list of upcoming reviews looks like this:
Böker: Solo,
CRKT: Squid, Pilar, Batum, Amicus compact,
EKA: Swede 9, Cordblade W9,

If you are a knifemaker, manufacturer or dealer and want me to review a knife, feel free to contact me.