Boker – Solo

Boker Solo is a modern tactical EDC folder designed by Danish knife maker and industrial designer Jens Anso. The big bellied blade is 9.5 cm long and features a stonewashed finish. It is a heavy duty all-round knife, and the handle that are made in hard coated aluminium is very sturdy. It has an inset liner lock, a dual side thumb stud, and the pocket clip can easily be reversed depending on your preferred tip-up or tip-down carry style.


Knife: Boker Solo, designed by Jens Anso.
Length: 21.8 cm
Blade: 9.5 cm big bellied and stonewashed.
Materials: Aluminum handle, N690 blade.
Sharpness: FREAKY sharp, and it bit me!
Feel: Well build, extremely solid, no wobbles or blade play, nice attention to detail .
Value: 120-140$

Anso Design logo on the stonewashed blade.

Final thoughts

This is designed to be a big tactical all-round EDC knife. And yes, this is a big knife, but a pair of good jeans should have no problems carrying this bad boy around. I have had it in my backpack for a few trips in the forest and I have been using it to cut some bread, baton a little firewood, and cutting some small branches. This is a well-built knife I would trust and bring with me on a hunt, or for a trip to a shelter for a sleep over. No need to bring a hunting knife, or bush craft knife, this one will do it all. The cutting and light abuse I used it for have not left any dent´s or weird spots on the edge. The only downside I have experienced so far is the size, that I think is a little too big for EDC at my work. But hey, who cares, this knife is awesome for all-round use everywhere else!

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