Wicked Edge – WE130

Wicked Edge makes high end sharpening systems and have a very good reputation. The Wicked Edge WE-130 is one of their mid-range precision sharpening systems, and a good all-round model. When I was given the opportunity to review this system I simply couldn´t say no thank you.

In this video I show the Wicked Edge WE 130, and I try to sharpen a handmade kitchen knife I am working on. It’s only the third knife I sharpen using this system, and I probably do something the wrong way. I do believe its important to make tests and reviews early without too much practice, so viewers don’t get the wrong impression when it looks really easy.



Wicked Edge is a big sharpening system manufacture, and they make different systems. They all come with a lot of tweaking options. Stones, bases, leather strops, jaws and updated units makes sure your system never goes out of date.

The clamp is easy to use.


Normally I would say that you should always strop your knife, but with this system using the leather straps, it is already stropped.

Final thoughts

This is a high-end system, and it doesn’t come cheap. This version is about 550$ but the quality makes it worth every penny. I know 550$ is a lot, but I am sure that you will not waste money buying alot of cheap systems like I did after this. It is very easy to use, and I don’t see that it needs a lot of maintenance and cleaning after use, that’s nice!



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