WorkSharp guided system

WorkSharp guided sharpening system is new to me, and to be honest I have only sharpened two knives with it. In that short time, it has actualy impressed me alot.  It is way easier to use than I expected, and the movement of the stones make the entire length of the knife gets sharpened with ease. I am not sure my mom could use this system out of the box, but with a little practice she would do just fine. The rubber feet makes sure it dosent slide all over the table. The overall build quality is really good.


WorkSharp makes many different systems, and they all comes with alot of accessories and tweaking options. For this guided system you can get finer stones and even a leather strop.

Just a few of the systems made by WorkSharp


After you are done sharpening the knife, it is a good idea to hone or strop your knife on a piece of leather using a polishing paste. It will really make a difference, and only takes like 10 strokes on each side. Place the leather on a flat surface, and pull the knife backwards (dont cut the leather) with the edge on the leather in a 20-25 degree angle, and you are good to go.

Final thoughts

Its not the most expensive system, and WorkSharp is well known around the world. The quality of this sharpening system is way better than I expected. With a few practise runs you can get your knives scary sharp fast. Its easy to use, and I dont see that it needs alot of maintenance and cleaning after use, thats nice!

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