WorkSharp Ken Onion edition

Work Sharp knife and tool sharpener – Ken Onion edition is new to me, and to be honest I have never sharpened a knife with it before today. I have offcourse heard a lot about it, and now I can finally try it myself and see first-hand what the fuzz is all about.


It is very simple to set up, just plug it in, put on your preferred belt, and choose your angle. Belts comes in 5 different grains. Extra coarse, coarse, medium, fine and ultra fine, and there is a set in the box, ready to go. The grind angle can be adjusted from 15-30 degrees, and the speed of the belt can be adjusted on the power button. Changing the belts is easy, and the belt adjuster is set right out of the box, but can off course be adjusted. Remember to put the edge guide back in horizontal position after belt change, I learned that the hard way. I am not sure my mom could use this system out of the box, but with a little practice she would do just fine. This little grinder is actually much heavier than it looks and the overall build quality feels very sturdy.

Just a few of the systems made by WorkSharp


Work sharp knife and tool sharpener is a well-known system. The expansion options for it is awesome. A blade grind attachment and a tool grind attachment makes this machine very versatile and good for many uses.

Final thoughts

Work sharp knife and tool sharpener is one of the more expensive systems. The quality of this sharpening system is better than I expected. I firmly belive that with a few practise runs you can get your knives scary sharp fast. With the many optional attachment this machine can do alot of different tasks, and that it a big advantage in my book. With some practise i bet it´s easy to use. I dont see that it needs alot of maintenance and cleaning after use, thats nice.


After you are done sharpening the knife, it is a good idea to hone or strop your knife on a piece of leather. Use a polishing paste like Jeveler´s Rouge or similar. This will really make a difference, and only takes like 10 strokes on each side. Place the leather on a flat surface, and pull the knife backwards. Have the knife edge in a 20-25 degree angle, and you are good to go. See how to strop your knife for extreme sharpness.

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