The knives

Knives have been around for over two million years. The first ones where made in bone, rock, stone, obsidian and whatever could hold some kind of edge. Today knives are a valuable tools, and I bet you use one several times every day.

TVJ Campers in classic and “simple” materials.

My knife philosophy

Its very simple, knives are tools, and they are made to be used. I dont like to use alot of fancy words about my knifemaking. I am not an artist, I dont paint or make art, I just make knives, made to be used. Offcourse I would love to use 20 million old mammoth, gold, moonshine and hair from a fairy. I just dont think it belongs in a knife made to be gutting a deer in a blizzard or rain. All my knives are offcourse made with good materials. O1 tool steel, and stabilised wood are a very common material in my knives. And often thats it! Thats a tool, made to be used, and built to last!

A TVJ Camper and a custom bird n trout knife.

The materials i use in my knives

O1 toolsteel: is a high carbon steel. It makes a wicked sharp edge, and are wery easy to sharpen. The downside is you have to show it some love, and give it some oil to prevent it from rusting.
Stabilized wood: is wood that have been improved using resin. Under high pressure resin is pumped into the wood and filling all the small air gaps. This gives wood a better resistance against moist/drought, and makes it more stable.
G10: Is a fiberglass material made under high pressure and heat. It is very similar to micarta and carbon fibres, and have really good resistance to wear and tear.

Black/green G10