Kitchen knives

Kitchen knives made by Thomas are all handmade from high carbon or stainless steel. The knives are tested to make sure you get the best possible experience when working with the knives in your kitchen.

3 kitchen knives in stainless steel, and a handmade endgrain chopping board.

Carbon steel knives takes sharpness to the next level, requires maintenance, and should never be left uncleaned. The stainless-steel kitchen knives are made in high vanadium/molybdenum steel and will stay sharp for a long time.

Working on some chef´s knives in 1085 carbon steel.

All knives are due to the process of cutting the blades and the wooden handle all unique and they are enhanced to suffer minimal wear and tear when being used.

Handmade chef´s knife and chopping board.

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Blue wooden handle, and custom fileworks to make sure the veggies dont gets stuck on the blade.
Using a anglegrinder to cut the knives into shape. Its hot, dirty and loud.