TVJ Forest Sage

TVJ Forest Sage is a slim knife with a streamlined blade and a thinner handle then the other TVJ Knives. It’s a knife well suited for a person with smaller hands that want an knife capable of preforming the tasks needed when camping, making fires and hunting without being too bulky. The slim blade gives the Forest Sage an elegant look and feel.

Forest sage is inspired by the old english woodlore knifes, and has a very rounded and soft fell. Its a true workhorse, and it will easily cut for hours. Even though its a more elegant knife, it still build with Thomas´s slogan in mind. Its “just” a knife, and it is build to last!

TVJ Forest sage likes to be outside

Specifications and options

Size: Blade 10,5 cm. Handle 10,5 cm. Overall length 21,0 cm
Steel options: O1 tool steel, 12c27, 1095/15n20 damascus.
Handle options: Hardwood, stabilized wood, G10, micarta and others.
Sheath: Leather or kydex.
Stabilized wood options: Oak, moss oak, poplar, birch, ash, elm and others.
G10 options: Black, black/green, black/orange, black/yellow, others can be ordered.

Forest sage with traditional english bushcraft sheath.

TVJ Forest sage versions

The TVJ Forest Sage comes in various versions and looks, yes, the same blade is very versatile both in use, and in look. The most important thing in Thomas´s knifemaking is that the knife is being used, and not just laying around as a display piece. Below is a list of the nicknames in the Forest Sage series.

Forest Sage regular: 3-4 mm steel and wooden handle.
Forest Sage extreme: 5-6 mm steel, wood, g10 or micarta handle.
Forest Sage Caveman: 3-5 mm steel with flintknap look.
Forest Sage Ghost: Coated black blade.

Forest Sage with leather sheath that has dangling system.