TVJ Hunter

TVJ hunter is a knife made to meet the needs of the hunter. With its short narrow blade it’s optimized for gutting and skinning game and the 3mm thick blade ensures that it’s strong enough to withstand even the most demanding tasks that you might need it for. The TVJ Hunter comes with the options of a G10 or wood handle and the sheath is made in leather. Like all the TVJ knives it’s made to be used, and built to last!

Thomas is very inspired by the old scandinavian traditions of knifemaking. It has a scandi grind, and a very “soft” handle that can be used for hours without hotspots. Use a leather strap, leather boot to hone it and keep it sharp, and use a drop of oil on the blade and handle to keep it from drying out/rust. Thomas likes the blackened Hunter alot due to the feel, look, and the fact that the blackened blade requires less maintenance.

Hunter in O1 steel, black G10 and flintknap on handle and spine.

Specifications and options

Size: Blade 9 cm. Handle 10 cm. Overall length 19,0 cm
Steel options: O1 tool steel, 12c27, 1095/15n20 damascus.
Handle options: Hardwood, stabilized wood, G10, micarta and others.
Sheath: Leather or kydex.
Stabilized wood options: Oak, moss oak, poplar, birch, ash, elm and others.
G10 options: Black, black/green, black/orange, black/yellow, others can be ordered.

Hunter “Caveman” in damascus steel with flintknap.

TVJ Hunter versions

The TVJ Hunter comes in various versions and looks, yes, the same blade is very versatile both in use, and in look. The most important thing in Thomas´s knifemaking is that the knife is being used, and not just lying around as a display piece. Below is a list of the nicknames in the Hunter series.

Hunter regular: 3-4 mm steel and wooden handle.
Hunter extreme: 5-6 mm steel, wood, g10 or micarta handle.
Hunter Caveman: 3-5 mm steel with flintknap look.
Hunter Ghost: Coated black blade.

Limited edition Hunter with skull etchings on blade, black g 10 handle with flintknap.