Electroetching is a simple metal etching process. It involves a salt solution, and a electric current.

The metal that needs to be etched is connected to the positive pole. The negative is attached to a swab. The solution I use is simply salt and water. A tablespoon of salt desolved into a glass of water, and you are good to go. I use a 12v powersupply, but a 9v battery is just fine.

The area that needs to be edged has to be masked up. Some use ink markers, or nail polish to make their logo. It can also be used to mask of the area that needs to be etched. I also use electricians tape to mask of a bigger area.

electoetching TVJ logos into blades

When electroetching, simply press the wet swab against the steel you want marked. You will notice the water on the swab will start to sizzle and turn black as it etches. The higher voltage you use, the faster it goes. Here you have to experiment with depths and time. And keep your nose clear of the smoke, it does not smell like roses.

After etching

After etching you have to clean your blade, and remove the masking you used. Make sure all the salt water is out of the etched pattern. I always give it a quick run on the buffing wheel.

I will make a video where I show how I use PnP paper as soon as posible, and I will show you pictures and guide you in here.

*The text on this page represents my thoughts and views. Its not the only way to do it, and it’s probably not the right way to do it. But its my way!