Knife maintenance

Knife maintenance is very important and even stainless steel knives can rust if not taken care of. Knives laying around wet and dirty in a sheath is a very bad idea. The acid and bacteria can make a knife rust very fast. To care for your knife, do the following:

Always clean knife immediately after use! Wash by hand, dry with towel. Make sure the blade and handle is dry, and finally apply a thin layer of good oil.

TVJ Hunter in carbon damascus steel. Maintenance is important with damascus!

Care for high carbon steel

Most of my knives are made in high carbon steel, and that requires alittle more maintenance. It´s very important to keep the blade well oiled at all times. Carbon steel will change color over time, and it gets a nice patina/personality. Carbon steel rusts easily without care, but it can get wicked sharp, and it’s a really solid steel type, that helps me in my goal; Make knives for hard use, built to last!

TVJ Hunter with blackened blade and olive/black G10 handle.

Good oil or wax

A good oil, in my humble opinion, is an acid free oil, without any toxic additives. Remember you might have to cut meat or a piece of bread with your knife. The taste of chain oil is horrible! I have been using Froglube for many years, and I am also experimenting with a homemade wax containing bee´s wax and food safe mineral oil. Wax gives a slighty thicker coating, and the bee´s wax smells amazing.

Making homemade wax from bee´s wax and mineral oil

And finally

A knife is not a can opener, hammer, chisel, pry bar, shovel, axe or screwdriver. The fastest way to ruin your knife is to use it for a task for which it was not intended!