Knife sharpeners

Knife sharpeners comes in a bunch of variaties and designs. They range from under 10 dollars to 100´s of dollars, and its a jungle to find out which one is the best. I will try to put as many different sharpening systems to the test as possible. I am not a millionaire, but I will do my best. The knives I will be sharpening will all be different kinds of folders and fixed knives. I will try to sharpen as many different knives and steels as i can get my hands on.

Who´s in so far

Lansky: Guess everyone knows Lansky right? See video here. And a “how-to” here.
WorkSharp: Ken Onion edition sharpener and guided sharpening system. GSS system video here.
Fallkniven: A oldschool sharpening stone.
WickedEdge: Wicked wicked wicked…
ViperSharp: High end system.
Chef´s Choice: Big brand in the chef´s world.

TVJ Camper before the use of a good knife sharpener.

After the test

I will visualy inspect the knife, shave my arm if I have any hairs left, and share my thoughts and experiences.

Thoughts or stars?

I am not much into stars, I prefer thoughts. Then you guys can make your own opinions. I will give an honest review about the knife sharpeners being tested. I will talk about pros, cons and prices. I will tell you if my arm gets sore, and if I belive my mom can use it.